• Connolly 150 is a not-for-profit organisation established to promote public awareness of James Connolly and working class history as we approach the 150th anniversary of James Connolly’s birth in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • We seek to raise awareness through research, events, writing, community engagement and organising.
  • We are open to new and imaginative approaches to Connolly’s life and its relationship to working class and immigrant history.
  • Connolly 150 has developed mutually supportive relationships with similar, existing organisations in Scotland and internationally.
  • We have also developed vital and positive relationships with trade unions and community organisations.
  • Connolly 150 is an independent organisation. Affiliated to no political party or group.
  • Established with the sole purpose of celebrating the life of James Connolly on the 150th anniversary of his birth.
  • Connolly 150 events are open to all who wish to see James Connolly recognised and celebrated in Edinburgh and beyond.